Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random Passage Tuesday: A New Kids Introspective

Hello All

And Welcome to another Random Passage Tuesday!

If you recall, my last RPT was on July, 1st. I took one of my diaries out, opened it to a random entry and found myself eyes to memory with a New Kids concert. However, as it was Canada Day, I decided to do a not so random passage and purposely picked a Canada Day passage from 1987.

Now, the other day at work (and for those who don't know, I work in a fabulous used clothing store called Global Styles) I found this bad boy.


There was no question that I had to buy this shirt. In fact, I think I used to own one just like it. When I picked it up and took it home, I decided that my next RPT must be my returning to that above mentioned passage, and transcribing it for your reading pleasure. And as luck or kismet or coincidence or whatever would have it, today, Tuesday, August, 5/14, actually marks the 24th anniversary of the day I went to this New Kids on the Block concert.

As a side note, and therefore before I get to the good stuff, the shirt I'm sporting (oh yes, I'm still wearing it as I write this post) is actually from a different tour...their "Hangin' Tough" tour...which I did go to...5 months before the one I'm about to recall, verbatim, for you. I just thought I would point that out in case there are some of you out there who would know that fact and call me on it. Ok, enough stalling, to the post!

Monday, August 6/1990

...Danny said "This is the time during the show when I strip." & he took his 2 shirts off!! Oh my god! What a body!! Donnie almost always had his shirt off! HE's so good! His sticks* had glow in the dark things on them & lights were all off so all you could see was his sticks! It was cool! Just before they sang "say^with me baby." everyone except Jordon said they were going to use them for a large trick. So they close donnie in the the box they formed with cards. (Joe had a jack on his card & Jordon told him to stop making such a jack of himself!) Then they dropped the cards & donnie was gone but then he suddenly appeared! He had a special belt around his waist with ropes on it & it was attached to a moving trolley thing on the cieling of the stage! It was so funny! He hung upsidedown & everyother position while he sang! It was great! Danny did some breaking+ dancing too! It was amazing he didn't hurt himself on the wet stage. (out of passage interjection: the concert was outside and it was f'in raining. Crazy raining.) Almost at the beginning of the concert they introduced their band. And they have a sitar in their band (which I found amusing because of Paul** at work.) Joe & Donnie kept arguing about whether it was a guitar or a sitar. Donnie would say "It's a guitar." & Joe then yelled "Sitar" "guitar!" "sitar!" "guitar!" "sitar!" It was hyllerious#!

I then go on and on for another 2 pages (in total this entry was 12 pages) and as you can guess, it's all brilliant prose, but before I leave you to think over today's RPT, I have one more passage to share, and believe me, it's worth the read.

He (Donnie) was saying that the other day  he read in the paper that New Kids on the block fans were not very intelligent & he didn't think that was a fair thing to say because were didn't do drugs, we were posotive minded people & we weren't pregidice! So that means that people who aren't intelligent are the ones who say we aren't. Because they're the ones that said New kids wouldn't last  & yet after 3 years they're still #1!!! And they weren't going to listen to them anymore & they were going to always keep "Hangin' Tough!" & and then they sang it!

And so, my friends, that ends this Random Passage Tuesday. Well almost ends. I believe I have some notes...

* I have no memory of what these stick I speak of were.
^ that would actually be "Stay" not "Say". Sorry about that true NKOTB fans.
+ I'm sure I meant break dancing. I was probably just so caught up in my entry that I added the "ing" without thought or reason.
# I think we know that as "hilarious" as that sitar guitar chat battle was, the funniest thing about that memory is how badly I spelt hilarious.
** Paul was a guy (and probably still is a guy) I worked with at Innis Road Golfland (ow-I've got some memories of that place somewhere) and he was OBSESSED with Ravi Shankar.

Ok, I'm am all done. Thanks for joining me today.

Here's to days that are journal worthy.

Here's to ignoring the haters.

Here's to "Hangin' Tough"