Monday, February 23, 2015

For the Love Of...Socks with Leona deVinne

Good Monday Blog Fans!

Two weeks has flown by and it's another For the Love Of Monday! Today's guest has a message that speaks right to my heart. Often when people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas I will say funky socks. I love having colourful feet. It makes me smile to wear bright, bold patterns or socks with cute owls on them.

Leona deVinne, starter of the Joy Socks Movement also finds happiness in a pair of decked out feet and she's here today to tell us why.


For the love of…Socks, yes- goofy, joyfilled, wee moments of happiness; SOCKS

I love the ancient proverb that says, “How wonderful are the feet of those that bring good news”

I want to spread some good news, with some socks on your beautiful feet!
Our world is in dire need of some joy…would you be part of helping spread some?

 My desire is to start a Joy sock movement

Wear some fun socks and take a photo of your feet doing something or being somewhere; on a fire truck, park bench, hanging from a tree (safely, please), out of the top of skates, you get the idea. (heck, paint your feet, go bare, I don’t care) Then‘Friend’ me on instagram, twitter, or facebook, LeonadeVinne,and post your picture on social media and tag it #joysocks

Each month a fave pair of feet will be chosen and $50 will be donated to a charity of your choice-how yummy is that!


Why socks you ask? Why not!

I remember years back I was going through some tough times, exhausted, going through a divorce, working hard and not feeling much happiness at all. One day when I came home I noticed that I was wearing 2 different socks and it made me laugh!

A wee bit of levity amidst my life that felt like a slog fest-yes please!
Science has been confirming that the happiest people are the ones that find joy in the smallest moments.

2 years ago I started mailing out goofy socks to random people and it was so fun, so I started giving them to people I knew were struggling and they said it brightened their days when they wore them. Heck even if people weren’t struggling I handed them out…they started sending me photos of their feet with the “joy socks” on them and that gave me such joy!

It’s pretty much a never ending circle of goodness for me since then ☺
So thus the sock idea started to bloom and blossom.

I started to call them joy socks and so did they ☺

I need people to help me with this joy spreading, happiness movement – I need YOU!

 Each month someone will be chosen to win the #joysock photo contest-craziest/funnest/goofiest/joyfullest shot!!

The winner can choose a charity of their choice for a donation of atleast $50 or (all the profits from the socks I sell* -whichever is greater) to be donated to a charity of their choice.  How delicious is that!!


Your delightful feet will end up on a feed with all the joyfull feet in the world!! YES!! (Even this is getting me joyed up!)

January’s winner was Sara Verburg who chose make her donation to Haven’s Way of the
A Joy Socks Winner!
Boys and Girl’s Club, for her photo, poolside in Chile-bikini and joysocks poolside at over 35 degrees!

So will you please tell your friends and join me in this goofy, fun filed movement.
“friend” me on facebook or instagram at Leona devinne, and post a pic of your delightful feet with the #joysocks-lets get this party started!!

I’m a coach, entrepreneur and chief joy injector at AccendoConsulting  where I help others launch their purpose filled work into the world.  I’d love to connect with you-drop me a line and let me know what brings you joy or if you want help creating more joy in your life and business-call, email or send me a message in a bottle :).  I can be reached at

*For my Canadian friends, you will be able to buy some of my favourite socks on this page - (coming soon) and I will donate the profits from each pair of socks to a charity, every month.  (check out the styles on, while I am working on my sock page, and if you are in Canada I can get what you’d like)

May the joy be with you!!



I would like to thank Leona very much for being a guest on my blog today. Please share in the joy of socks an post your awesome socks picture to Leona via one of her social media outlets or post it on my facebook page, Cindy Rule's Writing Page and I'll share them with Leona.

Be daring
Be spontaneous
Be joyful


Monday, February 9, 2015

For the Love Of...Body Love with Morgan Lee

Good day everyone and welcome to For the Love Of...

Today my guest is the inspirational Morgan Lee. She is the founder of Morgan Lee Wellness and in her own words she is a "Transformational Nutrition Coach, Spin Instructor Mad Woman and dedicated motivator and cheerleader for anyone who’s interested."

The post Morgan has sent me is one that many of us can relate to. We are all very good at complementing each other, seeing the beauty in those around us, but how good are you at being kind to yourself?

And now, please welcome, Morgan Lee.


For the love of…Body Love

How many times a day do you tell yourself something nice about your body? How many times do you mutter something negative about yourself? I’m willing to bet that the latter is more common.

How did it become this way? Why is shaming and bullying your own body the norm now? A recent study found that more than 80% of women are unhappy with their bodies. It’s gotten to the point that we can’t take compliments and we shy away from the nice things that people say about us by responding with an insult towards ourselves.

We work out because we hate our bodies, not because we respect them. If we over-indulge in something, we punish ourselves for days and starve ourselves. We compare ourselves to strangers and work to achieve the impossible for our body type.


I started Morgan Lee Wellness because I was tired of hating myself. I was tired of starving my body or binging. I was tired of running 5 miles when I actually HATE running. I thought I was being so good to my body. Pushing it to the limit and such. I started this company because I was tired of all the body hate and punishing that women are doing to themselves.

How good would it feel to wake up and look in the mirror and be genuinely happy with how you look. To love the way your hips curve and your thighs giggle. To truly not want to change one piece of you. To not picture someone else’s body, wishing that it was yours.

Loving your body. I mean truly LOVING your body is not a faraway impossible reality. It’s about re-shaping your thoughts. Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity. You get to CHOOSE which outlook you want to grow and strengthen. The change isn’t going to happen overnight. After years of self-shaming and self-hate, it’s going to take a while to quiet that voice and allow for the other one to blossom. But the time it takes is worth it.

You only get one body. You don’t get to trade it in and hand-pick everything you’d like. So it's time to start finding things you love about your physique. Start small. Look in the mirror and identify things you find beautiful about yourself. Maybe it’s your eyes or your hair or even the shape of your ears. It takes baby steps to grow your positivity muscle.

For the love of body LOVE, show yourself compassion and you’ll be surprised at how happy you’ll feel.


If you live out the Calgary way, Morgan is giving a Free Nutrition and Body Love Workshop on February, 21st. 

You a can also find out more about Morgan though these various forms of social media

I'd like to thank Morgan very much for joining me on For the Love Of...As someone who used to see only the awful when I looked in the mirror, I can really relate to this post. A couple years ago, I made started being nicer to myself after hearing someone I love very much say, "Good morning Ugly" when she looked in the mirror. It broke my heart. How could she be so mean when she was so lovely? And then I took a close look at how I treated myself and realized that if I was going to set a good example of body love for my daughter, I had to stop hating myself. Now, two years later, when I look in the mirror, I don't see my flaws. I see a mother, a writer, a wife, an actress, a friend, a daughter. I see the good in myself and I'm happy with and love who I see.

Morgan is right, it takes time, but you're worth it. All of you.

Join me on the 23rd when my guest will be Leona deVinne. She's here to make the world a better place with Joy Socks!

Be happy,
Be beautiful,
Be yourself.