Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random Passage Tuesday: OH! It's Canada Day!

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It's been a while since I've done post so let's get on with it!

Danny said "This is the time during the show when I strip." and he took his -

Wait, wait, wait. Hold the post. It's Tuesday and so I should be posting a random diary passage, but it's also Canada Day, so instead I'm going to do "Specific Passage Tuesday" and share with you a passage from July, 1/1987: The day my family and I left Victoria, BC to begin our 4 year stint in Ottawa, ON.

I warn you, that this diary entry, the first entry in this diary (just to lend another layer of learning), may be considered "Too Much Information", but in my first Random Passage Tuesday post I promised to transcribe what was on the page verbatim so verbatim is what you're going to get.


Check out the inside cover. Did I have low self esteem or was  I really obsessed with lighters?

Canada Day, July, 1/1987

Today Dear Diary we left the island headed on a long sweaty hot trip to Ottawa wear my new home is now located*. We travelled for about 5 hours. I am now in Salmon Arm and staying at the Best Western. WE we left the island I didn't want to cry or be really happy. I guess I didn't really know how I felt but after I went swimming at the motel I suddenly  start to cry and realized tht I was very sad & that I really wanted to be back in Victoria where I had lived for 14y. 4m. & 15 days. Also today I guess you could say that I became a mature young lady. I got my period after we had dinner. It's not a very heavy flow of blood and not a lot of pain. My Mum & Dad took me out to get pads and pantie liners. Well that's about it talk to you tomorrow.

(* Yes, yes, I know. I was way off on the "wear" and the sentence sounds like my new home was located elsewhere before it got moved to Ottawa.)


And that, my friends, was my day exactly 27 years ago. Today I expect my day to be a lot different except that, like that July 1st I said goodbye to all I had ever known, it's going to be a very sweaty hot one. And I'd just like to add that this was one of the most significant days of my life. I didn't realize it then and in fact wouldn't realize it until we moved back to Victoria 4 years later that this move away from all I'd known to the unknown gave me the foundation to become very adaptable and good with change. Most change, big change. Small changes can throw me such as putting the vegetable peeler in a new location every time you dry to dishes...I'm not on board with that kind of change. (It goes in the small flower pot that's ON the counter, OK???) But, big changes, I accept and embrace because life is about growing as a person and you don't grow, if you don't accept change.

Now, before I let you get back to your Canada Day Shenanigans, I am aware that some of you, who are in the know, may be hoping for a Canada Day Dress Photo (see the page I've set up specifically for these pictures) but last year, the 10th anniversary, was the finale. I'll still snap a picture of Sorcha for posterity, but the dress has most definitely been retired.

Enjoy your day, my friends,

And Happy "Cindy Became a Mature Young Woman Day" to you all.


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