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For the Love Of...Balance with Lisa Savage

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I am so lucky and proud to have my very, very good friend Lisa Savage on my blog today. Lisa is my third guest on, For the Love Of...She's here to share how trying something new can teach you a lot about yourself and find balance even in a very busy life.

Everybody please, give a warm welcome to Lisa.


I have, what I consider to be, a pretty busy life. With two young children, a day job as a social worker, a home to maintain, and all of the other day-to-day things that life entails, I sometimes feel like I am juggling more tasks than I can handle. This feeling has been especially strong since this past fall as I was feeling like nothing I did received 100% of my attention or ability, and I was really seeking balance in my life and something outside of the day-to-day tasks to focus on. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining; I love my family, I like my job, I'm happy with my life, but sometimes you just need something a little bit different to change your outlook or your focus and get you outside of your normal routine. That’s when Jamberry came along.

If you've never heard of Jamberry well, let me tell you, it is amazing!! Jamberry nails wraps are heat activated vinyl wraps, kind of like nail stickers that you apply to your fingernails or toenails and they last for over a week on your fingers and up to six weeks or more on your toes. I have never been one to focus on my nails or to want to have them painted all the time but from the first time I tried Jamberry I have been in love. It was in November when my friend Kari, who is also an Independent Consultant, posted on her Facebook page that she was looking for people to join her team and become consultants that I thought maybe this could be an option for me. If you know me well, you know that the direct sales approach is not really something that I lean toward naturally. After all, I don't even like to ask people for money and I certainly hate to feel like I am bothering somebody, and promoting myself and my product and is a little bit of a step outside of my comfort zone. However, I have come to discover that this is a good thing and it's something that I think I needed at this time of my life.

One of the things that I love about selling Jamberry is when people are kind of skeptical at first and seem to be thinking, they’re silly nail stickers, how great can they be?! Then they try a sample and they're amazed at how long they last, how good they look, and how much they like them. I love to see people realize that this is a really great product and something that they would love to have. One of the best parts of becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant is how much closer Kari and I have gotten through this whole process. She has been an unending source of support and encouragement and an amazing leader and friend to me. If that's the one thing that I take away from this Jamberry experience than that is enough. It's only been a couple short months since I've taken on this new challenge in my life but I’ve already learned a lot about myself and I'm grateful for that. Sometimes it can be a little stressful to have added this new challenge into my already busy life but every time I complete another task related to Jamberry whether it be an online party, a home party, learning something new, I feel a renewed sense of pride and a feeling of positivity that I was able to do it. I never realized that going outside your comfort zone (ie: direct sales for me) could be a scary, yet good feeling and seeing results, monetary and otherwise from my hard work, in such a short time makes me feel really proud and pleased to be a member of the Jamberry team. The emphasis on a team approach is very strong among Jamberry Independent Consultants and there are so many consultants willing to help, provide resources and information, and lend a hand so each of us can succeed. 
I think I’ll always remember the night I decided to be a Jamberry consultant. Not that it was really profound but it was a different kind of decision than one that I would usually make. I had been considering Kari's post on Facebook and while she was visiting one evening we talked about how I was thinking about joining the team and my apprehensions about it. Cindy was also there and both of them were very encouraging even though I was being indecisive (a normal thing for me) and not sure what to do. I felt so much support from both Kari and Cindy during the whole discussion. Right before Cindy left that evening she said to me, go ahead and do it; your work life is really busy and hectic maybe it would be nice to have something different, something positive to focus on. At that moment I decided I would take a chance and give it a try. I guess it was the fact that two of my closest friends were encouraging me and had faith in me that really made me feel like I could take the plunge and take a chance. I am so glad that I did. 

So this is all to say that it's not just the fact that I started selling “nail stickers” that that has been a positive change in my life, but it's what it has brought to me personally that I am grateful for. And even though my day-to-day life has become even busier since taking on this extra “job”, somehow I feel like there is greater balance in my life…I'm not even sure how that's possible…but I feel like the need to find time for family, relationships, and myself has taken on an even more important role and I have found a way to put more emphasis on each of those things since I've added Jamberry to my life.

Thank-you Kari and Cindy for encouraging me to take on this positive new challenge! Thank you also, Cindy, for asking me to be on your blog! It's been another challenge to think of how to put all of this into words but it's a been a nice reflection for me and I'm grateful for the opportunity! 

Thank you all for reading this as well and if you’re interested in these nail wraps that I am always gushing about check out my...

Facebook business page: Lisa Savage Jamberry Independent Consultant
Or my website: Lisa Savage Jamberry Nails 


Thanks again very much to Lisa for popping by today. I can't agree more that finding balance in one's life helps you to focus on what means the most to you.

If you know anyone who would has a love you think people should know more about, please write me at I'm always looking for guests for For the Love Of.

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PS: Jamberry's are pretty cool. Even Batman likes them. 

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