Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Hedgehog Friday...Apparently

Hello Blog Fans

Whoo Hoo! This little guy is ready to party down!

So...according to the Owl Magazine Blog (which Sorcha frequents) it's Hedgehog Friday. I don't know why, or how or what it means or if this is a day celebrated, acknowledged or ignored around the world, but it was a very helpful find for yours truly.

Why? You ponder...

Because of this.

(A very sad dryer ball...because it's blue! Ha! Ha! Get it?)

Yes, it's a dryer ball and for those of you who haven't decided that your toilet needs a good scrub, and instead have chosen (wisely I must add) to see this blog post through to the end, this dryer ball is part of a delicious logic puzzle that I came up with a few weeks ago and because you have not wandered away to do your taxes, I will walk you through it.

According to many who stalk the interwebs, the loveable and adorable Martin Freeman (who is of course Dr. Watson, Bilbo Baggins, Arthur Dent and Tim) looks like a hedgehog. Remember this bizarre fact and let's get our logic on.

A dryer ball looks like a hedgehog. 

Slightly Out of Focus Dryer Ball

Hedgehog in the wild

 Martin Freeman looks like a hedgehog.

Martin Freeman


 From the two bolded statements above what unbolded statement below, would logically be correct.

A.) All Dryer Balls Look Like Martin Freeman

B.) Martin Freeman Looks Like a Dryer Ball

C.) Martin Freeman, A Dryer Ball and a Hedgehog walking into a bar would be the start of a great joke. (The end would be: something about being pointy and rolling?? I don't know. Work it out amongst yourselves.)

D.) I should hire Benedict Cumberbatch to do my laundry.


So, what do you conclude? I think "D" would be the best and most entertaining answer, but logically, the correct answer is "A".

"B" would be a close second if you were looking at the picture of Martin Freeman below.

Poor Martin...he too is sad...

I hope you enjoyed this logic puzzle and I really hope that I helped make your Hedgehog Friday a most memorable one, even if you didn't know until right now that this Friday involved the celebrating of small round objects that somehow keep the demon static out of your dryer.

Until next time,

Be Happy, Be Creative, Be Logical


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  1. Ha! Sounds like one of the questions from the Payroll centre test! Hell it actually makes more sense.

    Also, I miss my hedgehogs. They were awesome. :(