Friday, May 2, 2014

Theft at an Air Canada Checkpoint in Puerto Vallarta

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This post is very different than my usual posts in that it deals with something real, serious, annoying and very unprofessional.

On April 10th, upon returning from a trip to Mexico, my parents had their Net Book Computer and the transformer that attaches to the charger for the computer stolen from their luggage AFTER they had checked in. They have put in a complaint and a claim to Air Canada with absolutely no resolution in sight.

The flight was AC (Air Canada) 1819, leaving from Puerto Vallarta at 15:45 hours direct to Toronto.

Below is the outline of the event.

Upon arrival to the airport, they were required to bring their 4 pieces of luggage to an Air Canada Checkpoint. This check point table for Air Canada was a mandatory check point and everyone is required to pass through it to have their luggage thoroughly inspected before actually having their baggage weighed and checked in at the Air Canada desk.

Two workers opened all the suitcases in front of my parents and went through everything. Then my mother put a zap strap on each of the suitcase zipper pulls after each piece of luggage had been looked through. Before my mother put a zap strap the large suitcase that contained their Net Book Computer (which was being kept in a soft sided zipped case and my parents watched them check as well) she stopped the worker who was closing the suitcase so that she could do up the inside straps to hold her pillow the the rest on the contents of the suitcase in place. The worker helped my mother do up the inside straps securing her pillow and the other items in the suitcase and then let her put the zap strap on the zipper pulls on the outside of the suitcase.  Just as a side note and to be very clear, when my parents use these zap straps they are securing the zipper pulls together. Even if were to somehow able to get the zipper open, because the zipper pulls are strapped together, the only way to do the zipper back up would be to cut the zap strap off.

After the Air Canada Checkpoint inspection was complete they then checked in their luggage at the Air Canada desk.

After they arrived in Toronto and checked into their hotel for the night, my mother noticed that the zap strap on the large suitcase that contained the Net Book Computer was gone; it had been cut off. When she opened her suitcase, the straps INSIDE THE SUITCASE that the worker had helped my mother fasten were undone and the contents were a mess.

The next morning, while putting the pillow back and rearranging the contents of the large suitcase, my father found the soft sided case that held the Net Book Computer, unzipped and the Net Book Computer missing.

They reported this theft immediately to Air Canada Security Baggage Department in Toronto and were told to report the incident to Baggage Security again when they arrived in Moncton, NB. They did this and got a claim going.

When my parents arrived home and unpacked, they noticed the transformer (the part you attach the cord to for re-charging) was also gone. It had been in a inside, zipped pocket of the large suitcase along with the extension cord needed for re-charging the computer and the Mouse. These two items were still in the suitcase.

It is clear that the person who stole these items knew exactly what he was looking for and was most likely involved at the Air Canada Checkpoint at the airport in Puerto Vallarta.

As I said, they have put a claim in, but because they didn't witness this theft and no one filmed the event, Air Canada has, as of yet, done nothing. My parents are looking for anyone else who may have experienced something similar at this or any airport involving Air Canada. They are looking, obviously, to get compensation from Air Canada in order to replace their Net Book computer and a formal apology.

Yes, it is a risk to not carry your valuable items on the plane with you, but  as we've recently discovered in the news, Air Canada doesn't always let you bring them on the plane and does not ensure that they will be protected should they need to be stored elsewhere.

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