Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cindy's Cover Ups featuring "Faith" by good ol' George Michael

Hello All

And welcome to another: Cindy's Cover Ups!

This post features a video of yours truly taking a popular song and either butchering it or maybe, making it...well, not better, but very different from the original.

Today's song is "Faith" by George Michael and is a tie in to my last blog post which featured, in recaptured memoratic glory, actual documented fact that I went to see good ol' George many a moon ago. 

After I linked my Facebook to my blog post, my friend Wendy declared for all my 100ish friends to see that she was not a George Michael fan. She said his music makes her angry? Is that what she said? I suppose I could go back and check her comment, but that smacks of effort.

So, without further ramblings, I give you my version of "Faith".

And see you next time, on The Blog of Cindy Rule.


A fine good day to you all,


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