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Random Passage Tuesday: You Gotta Have Faith

Hello there folks

Today is a very special day. It's "Random Passage Tuesday"; a new feature on my blog in which I will pick a "Random Passage" from one of the diaries I chronicled my teenage angst in and share it with you for your empathy or sympathy or general amusement. (or perhaps a combination of all three).

First up, I'm going to give a taste of my first time. No, no...not THAT first time. My first concert! On Aug. 25/88, my good friend Cyn and I braved the crowds and the pouring rain at the Ottawa-EX to partake in the event that was "The Faith Tour". OH yes. We got our screams ready, our loins hot and our blinders on for the wonder that was George Michael in a leather jacket, mirrored sunglasses, black cowboy boots with silver tips, and tight, tight jeans. Because it was my first concert and because I never forget it, I wrote a six page, crammed up writing diary entry detailing everything I could remember about that night.

And today, I'd like to share just a few passages with you which will be brought to you verbatim and in full, blushing, cringing memory, along with all the horrendous grammatical/spelling errors that I managed to produce.


Aug, 25/88 

Back then, I thought this look was HOT!
Hello Diary! Today was great! Cynthia and I went shopping and then to the X, went on loads of rides & had loads of fun! (We went on the carosel twice and this one guy obviously thought we were idiots.) But today didn't compare to tonight, no tonight had to be the most exciting, superb, awesomest, coolest, narliest, (And every other word to describe how great a person's night could possibly be) night of my entire life!! The George Michael concert was the reason!! It was great! I had the time of my life! He is sooo gorgeous, sooo sexy, a great singer, cool dancer (I especially liked the pelvic thrusts and from the reaction of about 95% of the crowd, they did too!) and an all round awesome entertainer and he has such a cool deep english accent! I love it when he asked if we were having a great time, when he said "Excuse me if I fall on my ass a few times during the performence tonight, but it's as wet here as it is up there.", the way he said "dance" and "dancers, and I loved it when he gave a nice big wave to the people in the stands. I especially loved it when He looked up at section B and waved!

And it goes on and on for a few pages...let's skip to the middle.

At the concert there were some boring people who just stood there or plugged there ears or gave us dirty looks because were were screaming! But I didn't care! Nope all you have to do is listen to my voice! In fact practically the only time Cynthia and I weren't screaming or cheering (not during the slow songs) was when he asked how many people played the guitar! All we did was turned and look at each other and say not me!

And now, for the ending...

Should I buy it...again?

I bought a T-shirt ($23) with a picture of him on it and with these symbols on it  It's a great picture of him on it! And Cynthia bough at $15 book with lots of pictures of him in it which she is going to photo copy for me! After he sang his second to last song HE said Thanks-you very much, goodnight and the kept us waiting for what seemed like forever before he came back out and did his encore. But anyways, I had the best time of my life tonight  ("A good time! A great time!") and the memories of this probably once in a life time experience are sure to stay with me...forever!

And there you go. Your first "Random Passage Tuesday" featuring snippets from my George Michael concert experience. "Now Cin, " you may be asking yourself, "did your good friend Cynthia actually photocopy pictures out that concert book for you?" Damn right she did and those marvelous pictures of G.M. hung in my grade 10 locker all year! And we're still friends, right Cyn? Unless...after this she's pretending she doesn't know me...

And you may also be asking "Hey Cin, so did the memories of this, your first concert, indeed stay with you?" Why yes, dear reader, they did...sort of. I remember being drenched because of the rain and too hot in my black jeans and purple sweater. I remember screaming a lot and getting laryngitis. I remember the wave he gave to our section and how special he made Cyn and I feel and I remember thinking that life really couldn't get better than this. Reading the entry certainly helped fill the memory gaps, but honestly, the essence of that night, the thrill of being there at that show has never left me and every time I go to a concert I think of that concert. After all, it was my first and you never forget your first.

Until next "Random Passage Tuesday",

I ask, do any of you have dusty, teenage diaries lurking in a storage box somewhere??


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