Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Passage Tuesday: Say it isn't Sue...

Hello RPT fans

Today's Random Passage Tuesday is genuine in that it's actually happening on a Tuesday and the passage is for definite sure-sies random! I didn't have something happen in my present that triggered a memory about the past. No sir, this post was picked out via grabbing an old dairy from the pile and asking my daughter to pick a number between 1 and 160. (Why yes, since you silently asked, I did number the pages in my diaries.) She picked page number 74 and ooo weeee: It's a doozy!

Enjoy this verbatim passage from April, 11/89. Notes explaining my ridiculous behaviour to follow...

April, 11/89

Dear Diary. You will never believe what happened today!! I was given a 2nd chance! Jamie got off at my stop again! * Can you believe it?! 2 days in a row!! Well I took advantage of it this time, I mean there was no way I was going to blow it again! So I walked up to him & said "Hi" He turns to me with a look in his eyes that could have possibly been suprise & and says "Hi." We then started to talk about our marks & school & that's about it! Then he said "see ya: (He always says that) & I said "Bye" & practically ran into the house! I was so excited! But I'm not going to get my hopes up to much. I'll just wait and see if he walks with me & stuff like that. I mean we proably wouldn't of talked or walked together or anything if I hadn't of said anything. But you never know, maybe Jamie was thinking what I was thinking like maybe she doesn't want me to walk with her ect. Well I dunno! It's not like I'm going to ask him! He was looking at me a number of times when I looked at him in the library today. Or I'd be looking at him & he catch me looking at him. Kim was looking at him to (?) & he caught her about 3 times! Oh Boy! Oh geeze he's go the nicest blue eyes I've ever seen! And he's got such a nice profile!** I'm going to have a cow, Sue won't be hear at school for the rest of the week! Yes!*** Her grandfather died and she's going to Montreal. Aw. Oh I mean I"m sorry her grandfather died but I'm not sorry that she won't be at school! Also today I got my french & history marks. I got 83% in both. My french is up 3% & my history is down 2%. That's ok! Well nothing else to say! Bye!!

So there you are, a little slice of my mind  from grade 10. Now, let's to the notes.

* I had good reason to think he wanted to walk with me since there was another bus stop just around the corner that was actually closer to his house. So there. And for the record, in my next diary entry, he got off at my stop again, walked with me, and started the conversation. So there, so there.

** To be clear, when I said "profile" I actually meant his physical profile...you know the side of his face and not say his online dating profile or Facebook profile.

*** This is one of my greatest regrets. Sue was a girl I hung around with in grade 10 and we had a personality clash. For reasons that at the time seemed justified I took it upon myself to write out a list of things she did that annoyed me  and one day told her how I felt. Instead of kicking me in the girl parts she looked shamefaced, apologized, and tried to tame her ways. I felt awful and still do. What right did I have to do something like that? Okay, yes, she had constantly hit a on boy I liked ( a different by, not Jamie. I liked a lot of boys in high school) even though she knew it bothered me and wasn't interested in him, but I was a very nice person and never liked to hurt people, especially, basically, on purpose. Sue, wherever you are, I'm very sorry. You were vibrant, outgoing, and off the wall. I know now that I was just jealous because I was so shy and didn't have the courage to draw too much attention to myself. I hope the qualities you had then that made you unique are ones that you still possess today.

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