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For the Love Of...Dance with Angela Howe

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Today, I am very happy to welcome to my blog, Angela Howe. Angela and I met a few years ago when I started doing theatre in Miramichi. She is a woman of many talents, but today she's going to talk to us about her love of dance.

Take it away Angela!


The love of dance started when I was two and a half years old, when my parents enrolled me in the Doris MacDonald Dance Academy in Cape Breton. When I was a teenager, I began Highland Dance with the Breton Batherson Dance Troupe. Dance was a huge part of my life growing up. I had many amazing experiences, and met a lot of wonderful people. 

After becoming a school teacher and moving to the Miramichi, I still wanted to stay connected to dance. I found opportunities to choreograph for my husband’s high school drama club, and local community theatre. When our daughter Ella was born I had a mission to have her dancing as soon as she could. She began dance class when she was three years old. 

However, last spring, her teacher was unable to continue providing classes. After much thought, I knew that this could be my opportunity to teach dance on the Miramichi. My current day job involves working for Anglophone North School District as a coordinator for students with special needs. As much as I enjoy my job, I am not directly teaching in the classroom anymore. So, dance would also help me stay connected with teaching – another passion of mine.

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In September 2014, the “Howe To Move Dance School” was formed. I wanted to start small, so I have two classes of dancers between the ages of three and six years old. I teach at the Dr. Losier Theatre on Tuesday evenings, and it has been a great location for us. This semester, I have taught ballet and jazz. We have had a wonderful time learning basic positions and choreography. My goals are to expose young dancers to dance, learn technique, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Our term ended with our first-ever “Show What We Know” class for friends and family. I was very proud of the dancers for performing on stage (some for the first time), and showing everyone what they have learned thus far. We also were able to collect items for the local Food Bank, and we were overwhelmed with the donations provided.

In January, we begin tap dancing, and I am looking forward to seeing how the dancers progress. We will be performing a show in the spring to highlight the dancers’ accomplishments for the year. It is my hope that I will continue to foster the love of dance in young children – so that they have an experience similar to mine growing up. 


Thank-you very much Angela for coming on The Blog of Cindy Rule to talk about your love of dance and why you like to share the experience of learning dance with others. I wish you continued success with "Howe to Move Dance School".

If you any of you in the Miramichi area have a little one who is interested in dance and would like to contact Angela to see if she has space available you can contact her at:

Is there someone in that you know who has a talent or love that you think people should know more about? Do you yourself have a side you'd like to make people more aware of? If so please contact me at I'd be happy to feature you or someone you know on "For the Love Of..."

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