Monday, April 27, 2015

For the Love Of...the Little Things with Sharleen Hawco

Hello and happy Monday

It's dreary, rainy day where I'm at. The kind of day that, in all honesty, makes me want to call in blue and sleep the day away.

However, that would be fool hardy. The day, no matter how dark it may appear, always has a silver lining or at least a glimmer of it silver lurking somewhere in something.

Today, my lovely friend Sharleen Hawco shares with us the beautiful reminder that there is happiness in finding a love for the little things.


For the love of...

When Cindy asked me to write a post I wasn't sure what to focus on. Everyone has something that brings happiness into their lives.  For me it is the little things.

This winter was long and dark making it hard to find your way.  Through the storm of it all you can find the brightest path by choosing love.  In the Springtime it is always easier to see the light.

To me it is the little things put together that bring joy; but, it is these little things that we often pass over and miss.

 For seeing those beautiful moments that bring love into your life.
For the love of choice, of change, of recognizing what needs to be changed,  of being able to get unstuck.
For little ripples that become waves.
For finding glimpses of peace and moments of stillness.

For friends with wisdom, with patience, who give back with more than you've given, who fill you up.
For rays of sun and drops of dew. For budding branches and emerging bugs. For spotting the first lady bug as the weather warms. For rainy days and rubber boots. For muddy gardens and seeds with growth.

For prisms that make rays of sunshine transform into dancing rainbows on the wall.
For paint brushes and palettes of color. For blank paper to capture design.
For the curiosity and brightness of three year old eyes. For endless questions and for delight in the answers.

For dragons and bears dancing in wispy clouds. 

For all of these things and many more that bring delight and joy to every moment.

For choosing happy.
For choosing now.
For being present.
For being mindful.
For seeing potential in everything small and everything big.


Thank-you so very much to Sharleen for being on my blog today. As you go about your day, in those moments where you have a second to reflect, think about the little things in your life that bring you the happiness that really matters and makes your life special.
Sharleen is right. There is potential happiness in so much around us.
Here's to choosing to see it and to being happy.


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