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For the Love of...Writer Friends with Mary Corrales

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Welcome to May 11th! It's time for another For the Love of... post.

A few years ago through blogging and what not, I met an author named Mary Corrales. She's sweet, kind, funny, supportive, and very talented. And before you read her post, please know that I had no direct influence over her topic other than asking her to be a part of my blog. :)

Enjoy and please welcome Mary Corrales.


For the Love of…Writer Friends

Every friend has a role in your life. Writer friends are no different. We have similar struggles throughout our writing careers that we share with one another, and hope for some inspiration or help. We're like daisies the way we spring up and cluster together in the sunshine.

When one of my publisher had to close shop, I turned to a writer friend, Kari, to figure out how to deal with rights reversal and covers. She'd assured me, since she'd been through something similar, that it'd all work out. Indeed it did and I'm okay now.

Kari and I have been through a lot together and, from writer's conferences to personal tragedies, we've never wavered in our friendship. While she lives in a different city than me, the distance has not changed the friendship. That's the essence of writer friends. We're always there for one another through emails, even when we can't spend time together in person.

Similarly, my lovely friend Cindy, inspires me with how much she writes and how fast she turns out stories. She has no end to her creativity. It's amazing. She reminds me how great life can be when you let your creativity flow. She's also one of the kindest, most caring people I've ever had the honor of being in contact with. Whether we ever meet in person or not, I know I have a true friend in her. Thanks for that, Cin. :)

Friendships should enhance your life, make it better. I've known people who have toxic friends and it's tragic that these toxic people are given are much value as a good friend. None of that for me, thank you. I hope none of that for you either. While life happens, I hope you maintain a circle of friends around you that supports you in your pursuit of dreams and lends you their strength when you need it.

Everyone deserves one good friend. I'm lucky enough to have two.

Thanks Cin for this opportunity to share what's been in my heart very strongly. Sometimes, we just don't say it enough how much it matters to have friends that understand, support, and commiserate on what it is to be a writer. The act of writing may be a solitary undertaking, but writer friends make being a writer the best profession in the world.

Happy Reading,

Mary Corrales

Mary Corrales is a multi-published romance author who writes in several genres. 


Many thanks to Mary for being a part of my post today. I think, in this day of being to meet people all over the world through our various internet ways, that many of you out there can relate to this topic in that I know I 'm not the only one who has become good friends with people I've never met in person. It doesn't seem to lesson the bond. You're friends or your not and with Mary, there's no doubt that we're friends.

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  1. SO TRUE, Mary! Friends are precious --- I can say THAT about you! We've been through a lot and Im so glad I was able to share it with you, along the way.

    P.S.........You KNOW Im a big fan of your writing, so just thought Id pass that bit of info on!

    hugs, Kari Thomas,